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I earned my Ph.D. in Comparative Politics at the University of Florida. My research focuses on ethnic politics in Europe, examining the effects of the empowerment of ethnic identity through collective ethnic rights. 

Since June 2020, I am working as Managing Editor for the American Political Science Review. 

Prior to coming to the University of Florida, I studied Sustainable Development at the University of Bologna, Italy (MA, 2006), and Public Administration at the University of Twente, Netherlands (MPA, 2010). I received a Bachelor’s in Economics from the University of Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina (2004). 

With my research I aspire to understand how contemporary states can successfully account for diversity within its population, achieving recognition of ethnic difference without increasing ethnic confrontation. 

I have conducted fieldwork in Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Sweden. In my free time, I read novels, go for long runs on Florida trails, cook for my friends, and try to learn some Swedish language. 

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